Blogs What is Digital Visiting Card / Digital Business Card and Its Advantages?


What is Digital Visiting Card / Digital Business Card and Its Advantages?

MyTag Digital Visiting Card is very user friendly and customizable model. It can be easily shared with anyone, anywhere in the following ways such as QR code, Email, sms, Whatsapp  , social media and QR enabled Sticker . MyTag Digital Visiting Card available in different Template designs variety of Theme Color Code Supported at affordable price.

It helps to promote your business and instantly send your latest updates to your prospective clients in a easy way. It is one of the best opportunities for your online presence, and it will help improve your business globally.

MyTag Digital Visiting Card Features:
•    One Click to Call, Message, Whatsapp and email
•    Social Network Sharing
•    Environmental Friendly
•    Fast Loading
•    Affordable Cost
•    Easy List of your Products or Services
•    Display your concern News and Offers
•    Show YouTube Videos
•    QR Code Enabled Sticker
•    QR Sharing available
•    Visitors Count
•    Feedback and Rating
•    B2B Provision

Who can use this Digital Visiting Card?
MyTag Digital Visiting Card is used to each and everyone for personal or business. It is suitable for all types of Small and Medium Business Sector Peoples, Professors, Agents and Retail shops.

Uses of this Digital Visiting Card
By using MyTag digital visiting card, you can easily share your information to anybody and anywhere. If you are doing any one business You can easily  reach your customers and can also make more customers.