Go Green

"MyTag" Card viewable only in digital platforms, no usage of paper

Fast Loading

Using Higher-end Technology, the Digital visiting card will load fast

Budget Tariff

Our plan is one of the best pocket-friendly, with high-quality service

Click to call

The user clicks on the Call icon, and the call will connect easily.

WhatsApp Sharing

User clicks on the WhatsApp icon, and it will open WhatsApp window.

Click to Locate

Users can easily navigate and find to your place with Google Maps

Click to Message

Users can easily send you a text message in just a few clicks

Click to E-mail

Customers easily reach you through a simple click to e-mail

Add to Contact

Customers quickly can download your contact details with a single click

Share Location

Users can quickly locate your location or place with Google Maps

WhatsApp Sharing

User easily to share your Digital Card link to your customer's device

WhatsApp Chat

Customers easily to chat with you without saving your number

Follow us

Your customers can easily follow your business profile network .


User can easily display the product description details with price


User can shows their detailed service decription with that charges


User can easily upload your announcements or upcoming events


User can post their offer or discount or cashback details with validity

B2B Leads

User can Post their business needs, it reach other business people.


User can regularly post their company suitable canditate job openings


Customers easily give your concern/profile feedback rating

Download Profile

User can easily to upload your company brochure or profiles or portfolio

Photo Gallery

Easy to share your personal/business/product pictures with your customer


Easy to share your promotional embed YouTube videos with your customer

Bank Details

User can easily to display bank details and UPI Account details for your customer

Inquiry Form

Customer wants to post their needs quickly and reach directly to your e-mail inbox.

Contact Us

Customer's easily reached your Store or place using your address

Locate Us

Customer's easy navigation to your Store or Physical Location using Google map.

Lead Capture

User can regularly monitor their leads generation and maintain the leads status

QR Code

Easily share your card with anyone with your unique QR code

Select Templates

Users can easily select the preferred Template based on their tariff

Choose Theme

Users can easily choose or change the preferred Theme Color based on their tariff

Visitor Count

Users can easily measures the number of people open & visit in thier page